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Our philosophy...

During my career as a cabinet maker I have found that attention to detail in the planning and design stage, as well as the finished product is crucial to the efficient and successful completion of a project.

I believe it is essential to embrace a clients enthusiasm and help them develop their vision and make it a reality. For this to happen I produce detailed drawings for them to view. Then discuss the drawings with them to make sure all aspects are accurate and understood to their satisfaction.

This is to make sure everyone involved in the project is informed and aware of what the finished project will be. When I have reached the installation stage I invite clients to come and view their project completed and set up in my workshop before being installed. Then if there are any discrepancies with the lay out or finishes they can be resolved before leaving the workshop.

My ability to read and interpret plans combined with my understanding of associated trades has enabled me to identify problems that may occur and rectify them in the planning stages, thus ensuring a smooth evolution of the project for all involved.

I gain great satisfaction from being able to deliver a product of quality and high standard and convey a level of creativity, dedication and professionalism required by my clients. 

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